Joy C. Green

Musician, teacher, performer and promoter

Joy C. Green lives and works in Munich, Germany on a constant basis since 1991. She has been travelling and living around the world and her interests, studies and works are multiple. Philosophy and sport, theology and science, music and medicine, hardly any subject stayed untouched. To her master degree of science in biology and chemistry, she added  a degree in pedagogy. Later came an education as a naturopath, specializing in ShenDo-Shiatsu and serious studies on music, voice production, voice therapy and voice teaching in the USA and Germany.

Joy C. Green was member of the speech-level-singing association© in USA from 2001 until 2005 and the first german certified teacher. She brought SLS to northern and east Europe in promoting SLS seminars on a regular basis for the SLS teachers from the US.

Until today she performes live on stage, after she had appeared on stages from Bejing to L.A. as a singer over two thousand times with various bands in different styles in the past.

Today she works as a vocal teacher, musician, singer, music promoter, vocal coach and shiatsu therapist. She translates, writes and publishes books. She found her own institute for voice and music education in 2000, GREEN VOICES© and is chairwoman in the institute of ethnomedicine©. She is mother of four children.